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How to know the weight of plants?

Delivery method is calculated automatically from plant weight. For example, plants with open roots generally do not exceed 1 kg, P9 weighs about 0.3 kg in pots, P17 weighs about 1-2 kg in pots, P29 can weigh up to 10 kg, and so on.

How do I know the exact date of delivery of the plants?

Once you have confirmed your order, we will contact you, most plants are ready for shipment and the rest are shipped according to the Plant Delivery Schedule. You can check the date in real time on the schedule or contact us. We will contact you again before sending the plants. For example, It is no secret that in the fairs already in September there are still green trees with open roots, but quality seedlings have to be harvested already after the leaves have frosted - depending on the natural conditions we adjust the date of presentation, bring it forward or delay it.

Why the minimum purchase price of e-shop is 19.99 €?

Up to 20 € orders take about the same amount of time as 99 €. This includes order review, date assignment, zip code verification, tel. correcting nr and other formats, finding and entering payments, suggesting delivery dates, order printing for assembly, self assembly, box selection, packaging, sticker printing and sticking, sending or receiving a few info messages. Other e-shops charge an administration fee for smaller orders. We do not do this because we have 1,500 to 30,000 plants in our assortment at different times of the year, and the vast majority of our customers here provide all the essential plants and receive free shipping on purchases from € 99.

Will plants arrive to my place in good quality without being broken?

Plants are living beings. We do not ship plants for the first year, not only in Lithuania, but also in Europe. In 2015, 27,000 plants reached buyers' homes. We use modern materials for packaging. We make sure that the plants are securely fastened and that the packaging is properly labeled. From experience we can say that our chosen courier service has learned to transport our plants with care and safety.

I'm worried that a trip to plants can be disastrous ...

95% of shipments reach their destination in Lithuania within 24 hours of loading and "overnight" in a cool warehouse. We guarantee that the shipment will reach you in the condition it was sent to. Of course, in mid-summer it is safest to send plants by mid-week, so even if there are address inaccuracies, communication or other problems - you will receive plants by the weekend. We also avoid sending plants on hot days, and if that is unavoidable, we load in a conditioned cab rather than in the cargo compartment.

Is the price of the confirmed order final? Will there be any additional costs? For example, packing / packing fee, remote delivery, unforeseen costs, etc.?

Yes, the price is final. Thank you for buying the plants at the convenience store and save us time, we do not transfer the cost of packing the plants, and you only pay for transport or other third party services and we pay for the excess weight of the parcels> 30kg. We will also provide you with all the information you need: live plant photos (except for April to May when there is an emergency), answer all planting and maintenance questions, and advice on how to ensure your plants are alive and happy for years to come.

Are your plants and production available at fairs / markets?

No, and we do not intend to do so. There are several reasons for this. Most importantly, the plants are living beings and we do not find it humane to degrade their living conditions by regularly transporting them back and forth across the markets. Secondly, our plant range is too large, so it is impossible to take them all with us. Thirdly, we want all buyers to remain satisfied, and with a high instantaneous flow of customers, we should not be able to provide all our plants with proper quality advice. Fourth (not least), there is little demand for high-quality legal crop production in markets, so we deliberately avoid competing in this market segment. We are fully focused on our e-shop activity and quality of it.