About us

Our company

Vitaflora - plant nursery and webshop, based in Druskininkai, south of Lithuania. We are offering plants with home delivery across Europe - own, also from Lithuanian, Latvian, German, Dutch and Belgian growers.

History starts in 1988, on a small plot annuals and perennials were grown. Since 2001 opened a flower shop in Druskininkai. Company Asprovita (trademark Vitaflora) established in 2004, main activity is flower and plant home delivery. Plant nursery was established in 2010 and expanded to a new place in 2018. Since 2013 webshop is active, and in 2014 internet sales has become main company activity.

In 11 years we have delivered more than 40000 orders to homes in Lithuania and European countries. Sweden, Findland and Germany are the main foreign market.

 In 2016 m. we have invested in modern freezer container with climate control to ensure highest quality of bare root fruit trees, roses, strawberries and hedging plants
Our new production facility, office and nursery based on Pramonės str. 6 in Druskininkai.


In 2014 we have delivered 9,668 plants to buyers from 8 countries around the world, and our e-store averaged over 5,000 monthly visitors.

In 2015, we have sold 26,661 plants and sent them to their new home.

We are ending year 2019 with more than 17.500 orders portfolio

Our income is being invested to quality, new ideas and innovations.

In 2011, our plant collection at nursery garden has reached 1000 different names.

In 2012, we have installed a new modern and automatic watering system at our nursery garden.

In 2013, we have opened our e-shop.

In 2014, we have bought a new modern plant transportation equipment, renewed our car parking spots.

In 2015, with the consistent pursuit of a hundred percent customer satisfaction rate, we were the first to introduce adoption and variety compliance guarantees for all plants.

In 2016, we have got ourselves a modern refrigerator with climate control, allowing us to extend planting terms and guarantee the quality of protected seedlings.

We have met year 2019 in a new place at Pramonės st. 6, Druskininkai.

The company operates transparently, has no debts and debtors, works only with reputable partners and sells high quality plants. We have all the necessary licenses for the crop and trade business, using the most advanced packaging, delivery, payment and customer service methods.

This e-shop is not perfect yet because we are creating it ourselves. If you have not found a plant of interest in our store or would like to know more about the plants we offer, get live photos of them or an individual quote for plants and their delivery - contact us!